Robert Wilson recovers and recreates Joan Miró's vision of "Ubu roi".

Robert Wilson recovers and recreates Joan Miró's vision of "Ubu roi".

The bibliophile's book Ubu roi, which belongs to the Es Baluard collection, is the starting point for introducing us to Miró's evocations of the character of Ubu, created by the playwright Alfred Jarry (Laval, France 1873 - Paris, 1907).

 Joan Miró's (Barcelona, 1893 - Palma, 1983) fascination with this character, a symbol of the tyrant, began early on his arrival in Paris and developed throughout his long career.

Es Baluard's Aljub has 'dressed up' for an occasion that is well deserved. Starting on Saturday the 15th, the Palma center hosted the premiere of Ubu, the play created by the American playwright Robert Wilson who, together with the direction of Charles Chemin, worked on the texts of Alfred Jarry's original play, Ubu roi, and on the creations that this title inspired in Joan Miró. Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani hosted the presentation of this collaboration between the art center and the Texas playwright, who detailed the final results of his contribution.

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The director of the Es Baluard Museum, Emma Prieto, described Ubu as "a new reading of a series of well-known materials that form part of the Personae exhibition by Joan Miró. Masks against barbarism", a project that energized by Es Baluard and that revisits Miró's fascination with the theatre work of Ubu roi.
"Ubu roi is still relevant" because this tyrant called Ubu "can be a politician of our times" and, to deal with this reality, "it was necessary to have an artist of our time and our contemporaneity who was capable of taking all this material and creating a new universe", the director commented.