Euro-Mediterranean co-creation residency program, an opportunity for young artists.

Euro-Mediterranean co-creation residency program, an opportunity for young artists.

Matera is UNESCO World Heritage and since the 1950s has been an important place of experimentation, innovation, and attraction for great filmmakers and artists, and became the European Capital of Culture in 2019; #together and #openfuture have been its keywords.

MATERA 2019 OPEN FUTURE has shown to the world that culture is pivotal for equality, social cohesion, and wellbeing and that the South of Europe must be the bridge to bring Europe and Africa closer together. 

The Foundation was established in 2014, to support the candidacy of Matera as the European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Its duration is linked to the cultural strategy outlined in the application dossier for the period 2015-2020.

Within this interesting cultural context, the Foundation MATERA 2019 OPEN FUTURE launched an Open Call "Euro-Mediterranean co-creation residency program" to foster the active citizenship of young people as actors of positive change, as concrete action in the framework of the European Year of Youth (2022).

The call is addressed to young creatives (individuals and collectives, aged under 40),  who can propose some artwork to raise awareness about the importance of acting as active citizens. The Open Call is addressed to select 4 young creatives from Europe and the Mediterranean area for a three weeks residency (scheduled in November 2022) in an Italian village in the Basilicata Region.

The deadline to apply to this great Open Call is set for the 2nd of September 2022. There is not so much time left, but it’s worthy to try!

YAE Article 2 2

On 20th December 2019 in Matera, on the occasion of the Closing Ceremony of Matera 2019, European Capital of Culture, Mr. David Sassoli, the greatly missed President of the European Parliament, called on Europe to become an increasing presidium of peace, freedom, and democracy leveraging cultural participation.

“Europe is its citizens, philosophical thought, arts, literary vibrancy, scientific discoveries, poetry, music, law”.
“The very idea of Europe is based on the value of its history, the intelligence, and creativity of its people because, despite diversities and differences, our continent is capable of offering the world an original point of view that keeps the dignity and freedom of people at the center.” “What sense would it make to have so many virtues, works of art, landscapes envied, archaeological sites if all these were not useful in shaping a free conscience, to help men and women not to give up and aspire to take on challenges together?” “What sense would it make if our artistic and cultural heritage were not useful in making us more humane?” “Our freedom generates beauty” (Excerpted from the speech given by David Sassoli, Matera, December 20th , 2019.)


Reading Sassoli’s words, we can assume that Europe needs the vision, the engagement and the participation of all young people to build a better future based on equality, inclusion and sustainability leveraging participation of local communities, especially those with fewer opportunities, from disadvantaged backgrounds, from rural or remote areas.

With reference to Sassoli’s speech and Matera’s vision, MATERA 2019 OPEN FUTURE wants to launch Open Call "Euro-Mediterranean co-creation residency program" with the aim to contribute with the noble objective.


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